Driver errors can cause Windows to crash or hang.  Fortunately, there are multiple ways OSR can help you determine what’s wrong!
Perhaps you have a crash or hang that you’ve tried to analyze, but just can’t discover the root cause.  You might be on a QA team, a member of the IT staff, an engineer in a support organization, or a developer with a really nasty issue.
OSR’s Problem Analysis service can help.  One of our experts, who works on analyzing tough Windows systems-level problems every  day, is available to review your crash or hang and provide you a definitive, written, analysis of the problem as well as guidance on further steps you can take to mitigate the problem.  And we can do this for you within just a few days of receipt of your problem, and at a very reasonable fixed price.  Check it out.
If you don’t have a problem that’s immediately pressing, you might consider building your skills. The successful analysis of a crash dump requires a good background in Windows internals and data structures,  but it also lends itself to a rigorous, methodical approach. Crash analysis is a skill that can be learned. Our Kernel Debugging and Crash Analysis Seminar will teach you proven strategies for how to analyze system-level problems.