Any successful referrals will get you up to 25% off your IT Support for one month.

Your recommendation will also receive up to 25% off their first month of IT Support.

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    Why do we need to refer a business?


    It’s vital to refer thoughtfully and without bias. Be sure that the businesses you recommend align with your values and standards, as your recommendations reflect your reputation and integrity. Referring a business, also known as a business referral, can benefit for several reasons:

    1. Referrals help you build a network of trusted business relationships, where referrals can lead to reciprocal opportunities. They are a great way to support friends, associates, and colleagues.

    2. It can help you gain credibility and trust as a reliable source of recommendations when you refer a business.

    3. It shows reciprocity when you refer a business to your business; in the future, these businesses or contacts may refer potential customers to you.

    4. Strengthening your relationships with other businesses: By helping another business succeed, you can establish collaborations, partnerships, or other opportunities.

    5. By supporting local businesses and other entities through referrals, you can help your local community thrive.

    6. The satisfaction of referring a business to someone else is personally rewarding, as it facilitates their growth and helps them succeed.

    7. Making informed decisions faster is an excellent benefit of referring a business. When people seek recommendations, they often turn to their networks for advice.

    8. Associating yourself with high-quality providers can indirectly give you a competitive advantage.

    9. It improves service standards by encouraging excellent service businesses to maintain or improve service quality.

    10. Increased business can lead to increased jobs and business growth for the referred company.


    At last, we request that you review our working history, read our reviews, and even visit our office to gain confidence in our services. Once you feel confident working with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are considering working with us in the future, we encourage you to follow Cortec IT’s social media.