Cortec IT has provided IT support in Kent since 2003 through remote helpdesk and onsite callouts. Including free IT Support Consultation, Network & Security, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Services & more. No other IT company can match our experience, fast response times or customer service. Please contact us today.


Cortec IT specialise in providing outsourced, dedicated and fully managed IT support in Kent. As a local customer, usually, you will get a cheaper call-out rate. Your organisation is more dependent on your IT systems today than ever. As mentioned above, we have provided IT Support solutions in Kent to small and medium-sized businesses for over 20 years, since 2003.

Our IT support services across Kent include access to a dedicated account manager and expertly trained, fully qualified support technicians. This allows us to provide a personal and efficient service with a team that is both familiar and up-to-date with your current IT systems.

Furthermore, our Kent-based IT services are reliable, proactive and affordable without compromising our high standards of service and technical ability. The IT Services we offer are all designed to be streamlined & efficient with you, the customer, in mind. So experience our award-winning team for IT Support in Kent today!

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We offer free IT support consultations for potential clients. Our IT support team looks over your current system and discusses your needs during this process; we will then offer recommendations for the most appropriate IT plan to support your needs.

Why Do Businesses in Kent Need an IT Support Consultation? Our comprehensive IT support services have been provided to businesses and organisations in Kent since 2003, including remote and onsite support. To make life easier, below we have provided information about why you need a professional IT support service provider like us. To grow your business, hire an experienced IT support provider.

So please book an appointment to visit our office for more information. Please consult with our team members, including IT engineers. In an IT Support Kent Consultation, one of our IT professionals will review your business’s IT infrastructure, including computers, servers, cloud solutions, networking, software & more. We will make recommendations and provide a proposal. Call or email us to check availability and book your slot.

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Our flexible rolling contracts ensure our clients stay with us because they want to. Our high standards set us apart.

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Cortec’s help-desk provides fast and efficient IT support, including out of hours coverage to protect your business against downtime.


Our proactive remote monitoring service means that we can identify and resolve issues before they affect your operations.


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We are the number one IT services provider in Kent. In 2024, we were chosen for the Best Three Rated Award. We are perfectly positioned to provide quality IT support and consultancy services to businesses throughout Kent. Most IT issues can be resolved by our expert helpdesk support team remotely, over the phone and by accessing end users’ computers and devices across the internet. However, we may need a site visit to resolve an issue.

The main areas of Kent that we cover, but are not limited to, include Bexley, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Chatham, Dartford, Gravesend, Maidstone, Medway, Orpington, Rochester, Sevenoaks, Sidcup, Swanley, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells. If you have questions about our coverage areas, please check below, where we have provided all popular Kent cities. And if you want to know more about our services such as IT Support Kent, contact us today and experience an award-winning team.





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IT or Information Technology support services refer to individuals, businesses, or organisations providing services and assistance. These services help them manage and resolve technical issues related to their IT infrastructure and systems. These services are essential to the functionality and security of computer systems and networks.

IT support services can be provided by in-house IT departments, outsourced to managed service providers (MSPs), or obtained through a combination of both. The choice of IT support model depends on an organisation’s size, needs, and budget constraints. Practical IT support is crucial for maintaining productivity, data security, and minimising downtime in today’s technology-dependent world. So, what are IT support services? Here are some common aspects of IT support services:

Remote Assistance: IT support technicians can often remotely access and control a user’s computer to troubleshoot and resolve issues without an on-site visit. This is especially useful for quickly addressing minor problems.

Help Desk Support: Many IT support services operate a help desk or support centre where users can report problems and seek assistance. Help desk personnel often provide initial troubleshooting and route more complex issues to specialised teams.

On-Site Support: IT support teams may dispatch technicians to the physical location for more complex or hardware-related issues to resolve problems and perform maintenance or repairs.

Data Backup and Recovery: IT support services often provide data backup and disaster recovery solutions to prevent data loss and restore data in the event of hardware failures or data breaches.

Software Updates and Patch Management: IT support teams ensure that operating systems, software applications, and security patches are up-to-date to protect against vulnerabilities and security threats.

Network Support: This includes managing and maintaining computer networks, configuring routers and switches, ensuring network security, and troubleshooting network-related problems.

Technical Troubleshooting: IT support teams assist users in diagnosing and resolving technical issues with hardware, software, networks, and other IT components. This may include fixing software bugs, resolving hardware problems, and addressing connectivity issues.

Security and Virus Protection: IT support teams implement security measures, such as firewalls, antivirus software, and intrusion detection systems, to protect systems and data from cyber threats.

User Training: IT support services may offer training programs or resources to help users effectively understand and utilise their IT systems, software, and tools.

Hardware Procurement and Maintenance: IT support can assist with procuring updated hardware and managing maintenance schedules for existing hardware to ensure it functions optimally.

IT Consulting: Some IT support providers offer consulting services to help organisations develop IT strategies, assess their current infrastructure, and plan for future technology needs.

24/7 Support: Many IT support services offer round-the-clock support to address critical issues at any time, especially for businesses that operate 24/7.



When we say we are different, we mean it. Our client retention rate is over 95%,
our average call wait time is 8 seconds, and 84% of problems are solved remotely the first time.
But don’t just take our word for it; see what our clients say about us below.


IT Support Kent is the No 1 IT support provider in Kent

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Think local. Also, asking your potential partner how well they fixed a problem the first time would be helpful. Ask them how many issues were resolved on their first visit and how many remotely. Knowing how well their engineers are equipped to repair a problem is good. We have compiled the following key characteristics that set exemplary IT support companies apart from the competition. With over two decades of experience in the field, we’ve gathered the following qualities you should look for when hiring IT support companies for business in Dartford, Kent, London and the South East of England.


1. Location

It is highly recommended that you choose a local IT company with a long history, as location is the first thing to consider. While many things can be accomplished remotely today, a local IT service provider will be the preferred option if they must visit physically. A dedicated van with all the equipment they need at any time would be ideal.


2. Attitude

Assessing a company’s attitude before it disappears in its services is essential. Without adequate information technology, your business is at risk. Thus, your IT support provider should be more than a partner. For this to occur, you must work with professionals committed to their standards and your company. They should also care about your company to accomplish this.


3. Proactive services

There are two types of IT support companies: proactive and reactive. An aggressive IT support company has a different philosophy. They aim to install the correct infrastructure to prevent problems and be prepared to handle them quickly if an unexpected issue arises. Compared to the spiralling downtime costs of a reactive approach, this service can provide excellent returns on investment for clients.


4. Scalability

The ability to grow or lean as necessary is essential for IT companies today. The importance of agile companies has never been greater than it is today. A good provider should refrain from forcing you to sign inflexible contracts or make decisions based on your future dreams.


5. Available 24/7/365 to assist

For your IT service provider to provide reliable service around the clock, your business-critical servers should also operate around the clock. Could you ensure you know what support they offer out-of-hours and whether it includes more than someone simply answering the phone to acknowledge your concern? The most reliable IT support companies ensure someone is always available, even during inconvenient hours. Although only some businesses require 24-hour support, working with a company that offers scalable services is an excellent idea if your needs change.


6. Up-to-date

Please look at future IT partner websites, Google business profiles, social media profiles, staff profiles, etc. Today’s companies maintain these things and update them regularly.


7. A wide range of choices

In most cases, it is accepted that using a service will result in purchasing expensive bundles filled with unnecessary extras. A reliable IT support company will only sell you what you need. You select from various options, with the IT company as a support partner.


8. Speed of response

It is worthwhile to note that an excellent IT support company offers extraordinary, guaranteed response times. Most companies claim they provide this service. However, you always need to check the small print. The term’ guaranteed response time’ can sometimes be mistaken for ‘we’ll answer your phone call’. IT support companies that take their business seriously will have an extensive network of experts working together to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

Various support companies provide a hierarchy of service level agreements depending on the criticality of the system, such as a response time of four hours, 24 hours a day for server failures, and a response time of two working days for office printers. If you have an IT problem, please select the appropriate level of service for your IT asset portfolio, ensuring your business remains protected.

9. Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are always valuable. Although IT support companies generally publish glowing reviews in their marketing materials, there may be a more complete picture. It is also possible to find more accurate information by looking further into the field. Asking other local businesses for recommendations and experiences may also be an effective authenticator. Additionally, word of mouth can be a powerful authenticator and demonstrate a company’s commitment.


10. Regular service reviews

Service delivery standards are essential to managed IT support services. Regular service reviews indicate a commitment to quality service. Select an organisation with high transparency, an active certification and partnership portfolio, and a commitment to continuous professional development. IT service providers can provide cutting-edge support by listening to clients and embracing ongoing professional development.

Another point is that the most successful companies will partner with leading manufacturers and IT hardware suppliers to expedite critical components’ rapid same-day or next-day delivery. The best companies will partner with leading manufacturers and IT hardware suppliers to accelerate the delivery of essential elements.



Can you provide IT support at any time?

As a standard, our IT support hours are  Mon to Fri, 9:00 AM. to 5:30 PM. We also provide 24/7 IT support to support businesses outside of these hours.

What locations do you provide IT support?

Typically, we provide IT support and manage IT services to Dartford, Kent, London, and southeast England. We are mainly focusing on these areas. If our client needs physical support, our IT support engineer can arrive at your location within one hour with our dedicated van. However, if you are only looking for remote services, we can support companies worldwide.



We are in Wilmington, Dartford. Dartford is a town in Kent, a county in South-Eastern England. We are 18 miles southwest of Central London and border Bexley Borough to the west. It only requires an hour to get to the centre of London. There are very convenient road links to our office if you drive. If you take a bus, you should leave the Plough Bus Station.

Would you be able to get to The Plough by bus? Please take these buses 429, West Kingsdown, S10, Greatness, 477, Swanley, 4, New Ash Green, 414B, Dartford, D29, Dartford, D12, Dartford, 414, 414A etc.

Nearest Train Station: Dartford Train Station


If there is any confusion, please watch the video or check out the map below which pinpoints our location in Kent.


Our IT consultancy services are also available to Kent businesses. We provide IT consultancy services to organisations at all stages of growth, with expertise in various IT and technology fields. From cybersecurity strategies to cloud migration planning, our IT consultants offer your business a wide range of services. We are located in Kent, England. Please get in touch with us to learn more.


We are truly local and proud to be a company based in Kent. Over a hundred clients are located in different cities in Kent. Without a doubt, we are the number 1 IT support for Kent companies and organisations. Similarly, as part of our social responsibility, we support Kent charities, local community organisations, clubs & more. Check out our IT support areas in Kent. These are the localities we support.

  • Maidstone
  • Chatham
  • Ashford
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • Margate
  • Dartford
  • Gravesend
  • Swanley
  • Canterbury
  • Folkestone
  • Sittingbourne
  • Ramsgate
  • Tonbridge
  • Herne Bay
  • Whitstable
  • Dover

At last, thank you for visiting our IT Support Kent page. So, after reading all the information and reviewing our company profile & reviews, we hope you gain some confidence in us. As you know, we cover all over Kent.  So, if you think we will be your next IT Support Kent partner, please fill out the quote form. Or you can submit the contact form below.

We will contact you as soon as possible once we receive the form for the next steps. Still, we will book you for an IT support consultation if you have concerns or questions. Below is a Google Map of our location. You can also arrange a remote consultation. Our IT support Kent engineer reviews your systems and needs during this process and offers recommendations. Similarly, if you want to keep in touch or get regular information on IT support in Kent, please explore and follow our social media.




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