An Increase in Cyber Threats

With cyber-attacks and computer security being heavily publicised throughout the media as of late, we would take this opportunity to drive home the importance of making sure your systems are safeguarded from such threats.
2017 sees an ever increasing rise in cyber crime causing unprecedented levels of disruption with the use of simple IT tools and cloud services.
With the implementation of the correct tools and software you can significantly reduce the chance of a successful attack directed towards you or your company.
There are 3 key products that Cortec recommends.

Eset AntiVirus


Cortec recommends the use of ESET, which is a record-breaking antivirus and antispyware protection software. It offers an advanced technology that does not slow your PC.
ESET Protection from £22.50 per year. (+VAT) 

Offsite Backups


Data Backups – For most Businesses data is the most important aspect of their computer systems. Hardware can be replaced at a price, your business critical information cannot. Data can be lost at the flick of a switch, there are a number of scenarios that can lead to data loss including: viruses, fire, theft, sabotage or an inexplicable hard drive failure.
Offsite Backups from £1.00 per GB per month. (+VAT) 

Email Filtering


Cortec recommends Email Filtering, using advanced predictive analytics giving the reassurance that the software will identify malicious sources before they can attack, keeping your email and IT systems safe.
Email Filtering from £2.00 per user per month. (+VAT) 

Best Practices

Stay vigilant, especially when clicking links on websites and emails from sources you do not know and when downloading attachments. If you have a weak password we would recommend that you get it changed ASAP.