Outsourced IT Support

Middle-Pic2IT is now an integral part of any business and a partnership with Cortec provides many advantages for any business.
A large proportion of our IT Support clients are based in London and are relying on Cortec to not only provide daily assistance and support but to help them move their business forwards by moving their IT forwards
Last year, the Cortec technicians dealt with over 13,000 support incidents, made over 2,000 scheduled site visits and helped clients to rationalise their business processes and improve productivity by a combination of improving their IT systems and assisting their staff quickly and efficiently with their IT support queries.
In some cases clients have expanded so rapidly that their staffing levels increased four fold. Some offices have become completely unsuitable within a matter of months and in others the IT services have just been unable to keep up with the pace of change. Cortec’s project management team have stepped in and managed these issues with great success from setting up networks in a small suite of offices to a 40,000 sq ft warehouse with multiple occupants whilst also managing and completing roll-outs of new hardware, software and systems such as the recent migration of an onsite email exchange to a hosted service (Office365) for a multi sited Estate Agent with over 100 email addresses.
The major incident team have also been kept on their toes dealing with critical IT system issues – in one case turning round a new IT support clients completely infected network of 12 desktops and a server in 48 hours.
Being overwhelmed by the IT requirements of a business in todays environment can be daunting. Cortec offer you a complete solution.
Your IT systems shouldn’t be holding your business back.